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Were you aware of this?

from Michael Hamilton

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Bad Hair night

I deeply regret posting such a critique. Considering the source it needed being read. I have to agree. This production of Hair lacks soul. For example Berger and Claude acted as if they had just met. When I saw it, in Los Angeles, I had to leave at the intermission. I have tried to say nothing. This is an example of what I have said, "Hair cannot be properly done by commercial producers. It requires a personal, tribal approach from the heart." Professional talent and support can't carry a show like this. Needs a lot of TLC. But it seems to be making money which could be the sole objective. mb

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Melba Moore

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About Steve Jobs – Michael Brown

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Vanishing Prairie by Michael Brown

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Mary Lorrie Davis writes about Tom O’Horgan

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HAIR – Future Bookings

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HAIR-Future Licenses

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Jim Pappaconstantine about Leo

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A Star Shines Bright

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Sad, sad news: Leo Lunser passes

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YouTube – Mr. Rogers visits Tom O’Horgan

A wonderful chance to see HAIR's beloved Tom in action with those wild and exotic musical instruments he loved so much. thanks to Michael Walter Harris '68

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MEMO RE HAIR – Michael Butler

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Ellen Stewart has died

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