MEMO RE HAIR – Michael Butler

I am repeatedly congratulated about HAIR touring again. When I advise that it is not my production, I am asked what I think of it?


Ever since my second Broadway HAIR in the late 70’s I have felt and expressed that HAIR cannot be just another commercial production. HAIR requires a certain ethos pertinent to its original philosophy. Since then I have remained connected to and inspired by the world-wide community of HAIR. My last production won the LA Weekly’s “Best Musical of 2007” award, and expanded the HAIR global family.


HAIR is about peace and love, about a tribe of intense feeling, about comprehension of the evils of a system of human existence which has gone very wrong. Our original Broadway production reflected this with soul-force, and comprehension as to the message of peace and love.


The young revival cast and director have, in their own way, interpreted HAIR in a way that engages a new, enthusiastic audience, proving that the original message of HAIR remains vital and relevant. I appreciate their passion and commitment, and hope they are transformed as we were.


Although I prefer the original, I am proud that what we started in 1968 continues to bring echoes of the Tribes’ intense feeling to a world that needs HAIR’s message of peace and love now more than ever.





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  1. Red Shepard said:

    Beautiful Michael.. Amen!!!

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