A Star Shines Bright

Throughout my years with HAIR, with all of us who have performed, lived and loved HAIR, one person stood out. If there was ever a personification of the spirit we are devoted to, that person was Leo Lunser.

As said before every time I heard or thought of Leo, I got warm all over. I can just visualize the last time I saw him, bringing that lovely aura to our re-union.

Leo has passed on. Our world is diminished, bit there is a light out there. Pick a star and think of Leo.

Rest In Peace and Love, Our Friend




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4 Responses to “A Star Shines Bright”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    You have the same memories I have of Leo Michael… I received an email as I often did not so long ago just to keep in touch.

    I will find the brighest star in the sky for that will be Leo.. though I cannot help but feel really sad.

    Ditto Michael… “Rest in Peace and Love, Our Friend”

  2. Nina Dayton said:

    Here is a link to Leo’s obituary in the Portland (ME) Press Herald:


    There is a wonderful photos of him accompanying it.

  3. JohnZ said:

    Although I never had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Lunser in person, I have heard so many interesting and laudatory comments about his HAiR productions that I very much wanted to see one. Alas, now that he is no longer with us, that dream cannot be realized. I, too, will miss him.

  4. Nina Dayton said:

    Actually you can if you ever make it out to the HAIR Archives. We have one of Leo’s productions in film in our video collection. It was done on a minimal budget, in a field, and it has more spirit and tribal feeling than many other productions I have seen over the years.

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