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HAIR 40th Final Reunion

What show, in anyones recollection, has had a gathering of the tribes for the fourth decade? Great to be with those of the original show with members on stage, back stage, off stage, groupies and fans of the latest tribes.MB

By , Sunday, April 27, 2008 in Current Events & News | Comments (3)

DORIAN GRAY-the musical

Went to the opening of Randy Bowser's latest. You will recall early this decade he did a great version of HAIR at the same theatre. They have a great pool of talent in Salem, OR and Randy uses them well. I really enjoyed the evening and look forward to a continued involvement. MB

By , Tuesday, April 22, 2008 in Current Events & News, Productions - New | Comments (2)

Got an extra bed or a comfy sofa in NYC?

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LA Weekly Awards

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‘Hair’ goes Public with a trim – Variety.com

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