Bad Hair night

Hi Michael and Barbara,

Sad to say that we went to see the San Francisco production of Hair on Tuesday night and it was so disappointing. Ariane and Ceilidh (my 18 year old granddaughter) were with me as were Clark and two friends. The general consensus was that it lacked connectedness, believability, heart, soul and direction. It looked like a high school talent show with the “tribe” mostly sitting in a semi-circle upstage while a solo was performed downstage. Badly choreographed and just no heart what-so-ever. Lots of talent with each person trying to out do the others. The only exception was the trip sequence which, was pretty well done despite the bad staging and lighting (or lack thereof).
Not surprisingly, the house was more than half empty.
I left feeling fortunate to have been a part of Hair when it actually was what it portrayed and that just can’t be duplicated. Apparently, it can’t be represented by actors either.



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  1. Teda Bracci said:

    You left at intermission? I wanted to leave right away, but i was with Jimmy. They took out the Sups # and Dead End. It was to Broadway. to staged and it sucked. But i love you and we know whats right and Tom’s stuff. XXOO

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