Update on my contact with red

Hey, it is jessica in vegas, in case my e-mail was wrong, it is http;//www.lasvegasvocaltraining.com

or www.midnightaffair.info my band….

Seems red is Not dying, has a broken heart, wife left him, you know Red ,Drama,,,,maybe he will come to the reunion, he seems to thrive on “old times” Remember Karalee, she is in touch with him and soothes him.     Thanks to lyle for writing me back, love Jess



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  1. JulieWinnMcKay said:

    Hey Red:
    A broken heart hurts, I know. But you have the strength, imagination and humor to pull yourself out of it. I have struggled with severe depression for most of my life and am well aware of what it feels like to be in a dark pit with no obvious way out.
    Getting older is a bitch — isn’t it? But I know we survivors are all still here for a reason. I have lived through a brain tumor, a big weight gain then a loss of 150 pounds, a broken back, two broken hips, a near heart attack and angioplasty and — most recently– a brown recluse spider bite. But every day I give thanks for the blessings I do have. Just watching the sunrise each morning is a wonderful thing. I am grateful for each day. I’d love to see you. Maybe in LA? Or, if you’re heading to Las Vegas, let me know (Huria@cox.net) or 702-217-9140.
    My very best to you — and remember to keep aloha in your heart.
    Julie (winn) McKay

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