Los Angeles Reunion

HI Michael, et al. Tried to call Barbara Moore back this morning to tell her I have secured insurance for the Aquarius for the party. If we still need it?! Let me know, ok?

Opening the show in San Diego this week so I’m kinda busy. Talk to ya soon.




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3 Responses to “Los Angeles Reunion”

  1. patricdeimon said:

    Greetings. It would be great to get more info on the reunion or if it is a go. A month and a half out from the NY reunion there was a lot of chatter about it and a growing rsvp list to keep up on. I hope this LA get together has the same kind of interest brewing. Let us know the status please. Patric

  2. Vegas chick said:

    I agree, i have already got my airline ticket, so i hope it is a go, from what i heard it is,,,I think Pappy is in the planning, and perhaps John Herzog with his venue, L.A. rep theatre,,,,,,L.A. here I come Jess

  3. Nina said:

    Hi folks,

    The venue has been selected and more info should be going out soon.

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