Greetings to L.A Hair friends

HI friends,

For those of you I didn’t see in New York last Sept, I hope to see the ones that didn’t make the trip.I am in vegas still gigging and can’t wait for the n get together.

talked to red Shepard, he could use some friends right now, he is at the lowest i have ever seen.
love to get in touch with old tribe members,, http;//  Jessica kluger

love, peace, and a calm next few months, love Jess



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One Response to “Greetings to L.A Hair friends”

  1. Lyle said:

    Hey Jess – Sorry your link is mis-typed.

    Should be

    Anyway; let Red know if you would please, that the World needs Red right now and stop thinking about the dark-side of the moon – get a sun burn, get a sun-flash, get a radiation burn; something.

    Ok-easy for me to say, right? No! Just trying to help you, goddamn it! Get your Fu–king ass in gear, you piece of shit. OK; so I went over board; how about, I love you and need you.

    Peace not neccessary.
    Love definitely.

    Lyle K’ang

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