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The Illusion of Choice … 90% of American Media Controlled by 6 Corporations

August 31, 2015
Turkey Is Using ISIS as Cover for Its War Against Kurdish Activists | The Nation Campaign&utm_term=daily

August 28, 2015
The Occupation of Greece: a Financial Coup D’état

Does adding 86 billion to the 123 billion, they can not pay for a 3 year hiatus, make any sense in the real world?
The Eurozone is a much safer place today……and soon to own Greece. This tactic has been used by the banksters to take over lots of countries and it has been quite effective.
Simply loan them more than they can ever repay, and then seize assets when they can not. The trick is to make the debt large enough, so there is no hope of ever repaying.

July 16, 2015
   As Our Cities Crumble… Feeding the Beast!  :   Information Clearing House – ICH

June 16, 2015
Shell’s Arctic Drilling Is the Real Threat to the World, Not Kayaktivists

June 12, 2015
TISA: Yet Another Leaked Treaty You’ve Never Heard Of Makes Secret Rules for the Internet

This treaty includes a remarkable 20 nations about the internet, and blends smoothly with Obama’s TPP and the TTIP, to completely ensconce corporations in control of your world.
This will leave corporations in control of money, services and goods. Our world will evolve to their needs, regardless of impact to humanity.
You will also see who really wants the spying programs that have been put in place. It may not be your government as you have been led to believe!
Controlling open source software, and local hosting will also seriously impact privacy and free communication.

It is fascinating that our country is being negotiated away in private away from legislators and they appear to be no only ok with this but are willing to forgo any discussion of limitations on any of these treaties.
What is going on that they will allow this on their watch?


June 3, 2015
ObamaFail: Affordable Insurance Rates Set To Skyrocket 50%… Again

Even with Government subsidies the insurance companies can not keep up with the costs or providing insurance when so many are not paying for it.
Perhaps politicians could take a lesson from this, and at least read and debate bills before approving them, as they were hired to do by their constituents.


May 25, 2015
Kerry in Sochi a Huge Win For Russia as US Backs Minsk 2, Warns Kiev

SM missed about Kerry’s visit to Sochi!
And then the Oligarchs running the War in Ukraine, from America w/ Victoria Nuland, backed up, stopped, and backed down!

The parade in Russia was an eye opening demonstration to them, that spoke volumes without saying a word.
Of course the parade was featuring not only Russians, but Chinese and Indian soldiers in a show of cooperation by 2/3rd of the planet!

Oh, you did not hear that in the corporately controlled American MSM? What a surprise.
Is the war in the Ukraine over? Where else is there to go? We will see.

May 14, 2015
  The Real Lessons of the Tory Victory   :   Information Clearing House – ICH

May 12, 2015
Robert F Kennedy Jr. Publicly Slams CDC in Vermont Vaccine Testimony

Unheard by California politician’s, finally he was able to testify somewhere, and be heard for the truth he is spreading.
The bills in Vermont, (as in California), have also racked up a litany of underhanded techniques, fraud, and conflicts of interest, that should disqualify it, Kennedy said.
Will California’s Democratic legislators be foolish enough to pass a bad bill, knowing it is failing everywhere else? Yeah, that will look good right?

May 11, 2015
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