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Central Bank Governors Are Liars | Global Research

March 6, 2016
With Women’s Rights on the Line, Groups Demand Supreme Court #StoptheSham | Common Dreams

March 2, 2016
The US Promised Refuge to 10,000 Syrians—We’ve Let in 841 | The Nation Campaign&utm_term=daily

February 23, 2016
Federal Reserve Intentionally “Front-Loaded An Enormous [Stock] Market Rally in Order to Create a Wealth Effect”: Former Fed Official | Global Research – Centre for Research on Globalization
January 7, 2016
  You Want War? Russia is Ready for War   :  Information Clearing House – ICH

December 20, 2015
Pentagon Announces Worldwide Expansion of US Military Bases

December 11, 2015
Mainstream media newspapers in total collapse: readership plunges 80%

When they quit reporting the truth, and became various versions of Corporate Agenda propaganda reporting, to manipulate the public, people are tuning out. The public wants the truth, and not being spoon-fed what ever agenda is on today’s menu, for global takeover by elite rulers.

November 17, 2015
Bill Blum: Citizens United Is Headed for the California Ballot: Here’s What You Need to Know – Bill Blum – Truthdig

October 14, 2015
FOCUS: Bubblewashing – Paul Krugman

September 3, 2015
Washington Intends to “Use” Al Qaeda to “Take Out” Syria | Global Research –

September 2, 2015
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