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2 Responses to “WOW – Go Read This!! Amazing”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    Thanks Mike for sending this… MUCH good reading… 🙂


  2. bleurose said:

    Absolutely 100%.

    It is truly scary that contrasted with 1967, the Summer of Love and the year that HAiR first took the stage at the Public Theatre in October, it is, as the cliche goes, deja vu all over again. Mired in a war we should never have entered (or in this case actually caused), with President who refuses to hear the anger of the people, with youth becoming more disaffected with each passing day, with the possibility of a repeat of the draft looming over our heads, the country has truly failed to learn from history, and seems condemned to repeat it.

    We must all work to stop this. There are many ways, and to some, doing a musical may seem frivolous, but HAiR is, as is often noted obviously as relevant today as it was in 1967. Every time I see a production, I am affected just as I was when I saw my first performance in 1968.

    We will be doing a 40th anniversary tribute production in San Jose this fall (we just received our license from Tams-Witmark) and I will post more details here if that is appropriate. We intend to make this production not just entertainment but also politically significant. It has to be, there is no other way to get us out of this “Big Muddy” again.

    Peace out.

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