Steven Miranda remembered.

2 Memories…

1st : In 1996, the European tour tribe was somewhere in Germany and Steven and I decided to venture out into the wintry night in search of some place that might sell booze. Everyone else was tucked in the hotel, but Steven and I were set on our mission.

About an hour into our icy walk, we both realized that perhaps this was not the best idea. It became REALLY cold. We both wore coats but not much else in terms of hats, scarves, etc. Steven was smart enough to at least bring some gloves. I remember we took turns trading one glove each from his set back and forth for the remainder of the journey, left then right then left again. We must have looked ridiculous, he this tall light skinned black guy with orange dreads and me, a redheaded, bearded, beaded hippie. Both of us wearing one glove from a matching set, pioneering our way through Germany.By the time we returned to the hotel, it had been several chilly hours, but a memory was made that stays with me to this day.
#2 Italy, the following year. My then girlfriend, now wife, Maggie was expecting (yes, a “tour baby”). One day, while in Rome, Steven came strolling up to us with his huge grin. “I got something for baby” he proudly announced. He held up one of those touristy t-shirts. baby-sized, with the famous “cheribs” painted on the front. On the back he had written “To Baby! Love, Uncle Steven”.

The shirt no longer fits Ethan, our 8 year old “tour baby”, but his 6 year old sister Amelia, can still squeeze into it.

He was a wonderful person, a gifted artist, and a true fire in what sometimes can be a dark, dark world. I will miss him terribly.

Peace, everyone.

Steve Graham (turtle)



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4 Responses to “Steven Miranda remembered.”

  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    Love you Steve Graham! Thanks for the memories!

  2. barbara siomos said:

    What beautiful memories… thank you so much for sharing. I did not know your friend Steven but he sounds sooo beautiful as well… RIP Steven sweet dreams.


  3. barbara siomos said:

    What beautiful memories, thank you for sharing. May your friend Steven RIP and have sweet dreams.


  4. Mike Blaxill said:

    Ya Turtle .. truly beautiful – wish i’d had a chance to meet him.
    Much Love
    mike b

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