Welcome to the MB Hair Blog!

Hello all, and welcome to the MB Hair Blog! In order to post here, or respond to a post here, you will need to register, which you can do by going to: http://www.michaelbutler.com/blog/hair/wp-register.php

The process of posting here is self explanatory as you go, but there are also tutorials for those who want them. There are links in the Welcome message on the front page of the blog.
We are excited about this new format for our Tribal living room, as it allows graphics, html rich text, and people can now send those large posts without having to await my getting to the Admin pages to OK them, and without filling up the mailboxes of those with account limits.
Let me know if you have any questions. We’re glad to have you join us here!
Peace and Love,

The Hair Archives




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8 Responses to “Welcome to the MB Hair Blog!”

  1. Michael Ramirez said:

    Hey Everybody
    I really hope everyone from the MB-Hair List registers here. I’d hate to have people just disappear.

  2. wivenhome said:

    Hi. I’m kind of a silent member on this list and will probably continue to be so. But at least I made it to the new home.

  3. peacefreak said:

    Okay, I found my over too. Figured I’d just check in.


  4. Nina said:

    Glad to see people starting to filter over!

    The Hair Archives

  5. patric.venustribe said:

    Greetings. Also a silent member. But I read all the posts. I didn’t seem to have any luck with the posts part of the interface. Just got a blank page. I’ll keep looking at it to see what I am missing. Peace…Patric

  6. Michael Ramirez said:

    I wish more people were coming over

  7. Nina said:

    Just as on the Hair List we had many more people there than were posting, so at this blog we have many more here than are making their presence known. Many of the familiar faces are lurking in the backgropund, and will, I am sure, post something when they feel the time is right for them.

  8. Gibson DelGiudice said:


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