Japanese Cast CD?

I know the Japanese cast CD came out sometime in the late 1990’s. Does anyone know where it was sold?


I bought a copy of the LP on eBay and what do you guys think of it? Is it good?

I absolutely hated the Japanese cast of Jesus Christ Superstar.




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7 Responses to “Japanese Cast CD?”

  1. Bil Gonzalez said:

    Footlight Records in NY carried it. Looks like it may be out of print.

    I think the recording is strange, with some very weird arrangements and vocals. Not one of my favorites, although something has to be said about “Erectric Blues”…


  2. Michael Ramirez said:

    Hmmm… What do you mean by weird arrangements? I’m guessing you mean it has untraditional instruments in the band?

  3. Michael Ramirez said:

    What about the French cast album of Hair? Quite a few people I know enjoyed this one.

  4. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Agreed on Japanese JCS. Minoru Terada (Judas) is quite literally the Antichrist.

  5. Michael Ramirez said:

    lol did you know Minoru Terada is now the host of “Iron Chef” a cooking show

  6. dauber said:

    The Japanese cast recording — at least the 1970 one (is there a newer one???) — is really good…and one of the most ROCKING cast recordings I’ve heard!

    French cast…well…it sounds kinda like the Broadway version but faster and very stereotypically French, if you can dig that…

    Interestingly — both recordings are done in the casts’ vernaculars…except that “Dead End” are 100% American English on both! (And on the Japanese cast, Hud’s “Aint Got No” verse is also in American English…)

  7. Michael Ramirez said:

    I don’t think Dead End is translated very often. On the 1970 German cast Live LP, It is in English, but the rest of the album is in German.

    The only cast album I’ve heard with “Dead End” in a different language is the 1971 Argentine Cast. It is an AWESOME album. the cast sings all really good and the band is really good too. It is sung in Argentine Spanish [I think its the only album in Spanish] and it is a good album overall. The guitar is really… psychedelic.

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