War Songs: Songs from the Vietnam Era

Hey Tribe!

Apart from directing the production of HAIR and a production of GODSPELL this summer… I will be PERFORMING in a production opening this week at the Bristol Riverside Theatre in Bristol, Pennsylvania. The show is called “War Songs: Songs from the Vietnam Era”…. it’s an 8-person revue of the protest songs, pop songs, and all-time classics created during the most controversial war of our time.

There are a ton of songs (so many that we’re changing some day to day)… I will be singing Joy to the World, Fortunate Son, Eve of Destruction, and some other surprises throughout. We also feature two HAIR tunes!

Here’s a shot of our cast in rehearsalĂ‚ (i’m in the middle… big dude with the big hair).

The voices are incredible with the energy and passion to match. We are performers that have traveled the world singing in many styles… it’s pretty incredible to see them all come together.

For more information, check out the website at http://www.brtstage.org

Performances are Thursday July 6 @ 8PM, Friday July 7 @ 8:00 PM, Saturday July 8 @ 8PM, Sunday July 9 @ 3PM, Wednesday July 12 @ 2PM, Friday July 14 @ 8PM, Saturday July 15 @ 8PM, Sunday July 16 @ 3PM.

Yeah!! So looking forward to this!



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