Czech recording?

Does anyone know anything about a Czech recording of HAIR possibly recorded in the mid 90s? I checked John Holeman’s site but saw nothing there.






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5 Responses to “Czech recording?”

  1. Michael Ramirez said:

    Yep, there is one. Why did you want to know?

    You can go to Olaf van Werven’s disocgraphy site and read about it-

  2. peacefreak said:

    Wow, thanks Michael. I’d love to own a copy of this. Do you know where I can buy one?


  3. Michael Ramirez said:

    I don’t know anywhere that sells it, John Holleman and olaf van Werven don’t even have copies, and they are HUGE collectors,
    but look for it on
    I’m sure it’ll pop up eventually.
    Are you a HAIR album collector like me?

  4. Michael Ramirez said:

    how did you hear about the album? Did you see the production?

  5. peacefreak said:

    I do collect HAIR albums, CDs, music, posters, etc. Someone mentioned this on anther list and I’d never heard of it; thus the question. I never did see the production (obviously) cuz I hadn’t heard of it.


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