SIB turned me on to Diego Rayle… check out his site and READ his books

Oliver Stone is a fan of Diegos as is Sib (Tioga Joe) and all I can say is WoW! this man is so beautiful, He has his books posted on Amazon if you want to go there first cause he is working on his fourth book. He just sent me “The Trial of Billy Running Dog” (isn’t that nice Sib?)




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One Response to “SIB turned me on to Diego Rayle… check out his site and READ his books”

  1. Sibley said:

    Another [Native American Vietnam Veteran] Diego Rayle “novel” (in the sense as Vietnam Veteran author Tim O’Brien put it that “most Vietnam Veterans’ novels are thinly veiled autobiographies”) to check out is “Stay Out of the Wheatfield.” As a kid, I used to play war with my buddies in a wheatfield, so I took Diego’s story as an admonition from the older brother who went to war in Vietnam to his kid brother back home, so he would not grow up with a glorified view of war, which could encourage him to go off to war to be a hero like his big brother. The big brother has learned the hard way that this war, and perhaps all war, is in no way a field of honor. It is, in fact, anything but. (IMHO) — Dr. Sib / Tioga Joe (HAiR NLU ’74)

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