HAIR auditions in NYC

I gleaned this off Has this been bantered around yet?

Title Hair – Equity Chorus Call for Singers
Category Performer
Description Seeking diverse, young, energetic performers of all ethnic backgrounds who excel in a rock music medium.


Job Start Date 5/1/2007
Job End Date 6/17/2007
Union Information AEA
Salary $544 a week
Company Janet Foster
Address New York City, NY –
Respond Method(s) At Audition
Audition Information When: Wednesday, April 11, 2007
10 AM – Equity Female Singers
2 PM – Equity Male Singers

Where: The Actors’ Equity Audition Center
165 West 46th Street, 2nd Floor, NYC
Studio C
Notes/What to bring: Prepare a brief musical selection in the style of the show. Accompanist provided.
Bring picture and resume, stapled together.
Typing may occur.
Equity Chorus Procedures are in effect.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult






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4 Responses to “HAIR auditions in NYC”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    Leo.. .are you doing this again in Maine as you do each year or are you doing a show in New York City? And by the way how the h— are you, long time no speak.


  2. barbara siomos said:

    Wait a minute… This is Leo asking about this article being posted isn”t it? Not Leo auditioning for his show?


  3. peacefreak said:

    Yeah Barbara, this is Leo asking if anyone else saw this posting on
    I’m doing very well. I recently co-wrote a full length film and we are now shooting the film on weekends until May 8th. The big goal for 2008 is to direct HAIR again. That’s the plan; it will happen!


  4. Anthony D'Amato said:

    This is a casting notice for the Prince Music Theatre in Philly. They’ve been having a hard time casting it, I believe. It seems to have a lot of people thinking it’s a NYC production because it doesn’t list Philly, but the start/end times, and salary are the same.

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