Playbox Theatre remix HAIR for a new generation

HAIR @ Playbox Theatre, WarwickOriginally seen in 1967, the controversial stage musical HAIR is being staged in a brand new production by Playbox Theatre with a young and talented cast to astound and amaze audiences this Spring.

HAIR: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical is the story of a group of young people searching for perfect peace and love during the Vietnam era. HAIR today retains a timeless quality in its portrait of a culture that changed the world. The vibrant rock score heralded a chance in stage musicals paving the way for many of today’s blockbusters.

When HAIR arrived in 1968 a post-censorship Britain was astounded by the subjects of sex, drugs, free love and commune living – in an era of post Iraq and Afghanistan the show comes back into focus.

The full Playbox Theatre cast of HAIR is Lydia Atherton, Tom Ball, Nikki Claire Cross, Hannah Finan, Frankie Giles-Sweet, Emilie Harris, Louisa Heads-McCann, Meg Heaton, Izzie James, Hannah Johnson, Sian Maxwell, Jack McCann, Nancy Millward, Yasmin Murphy, Ros Othen, Marco Rodriguez, Alice Trew, Dan Wye

The creative team brings together in the remix, Director Stewart McGill, Choreographer Kat Osborn, Musical Director Simon Pollard, Environment & Costume Designs by James Turner and Lighting Designer Wayne Dowdeswell.

HAIR is at Playbox Theatre, Warwick on the following dates:

Wednesday 7th April, 7.30pm
Thursday 8th April, 7.30pm
Friday 9th April, 7.30pm
Saturday 10th April, 7.30pm
Thursday 15th April, 7.30pm
Friday 16th April, 7.30pm
Saturday 17th April, 7.30pm

VIP “Be-In” Seats £15.00
Premium Seats £12.50 (£8.50 Conc)
General admission £10.50 (£7.50 Conc)

VIP “Be-In” seats are located near the performance arena to enable audiences an up-close and personal involvement.

Booking is now open on 01926 419555 ext 2.

The show image for Playbox Theatre is created by Nikki Claire Cross.



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