I did a quick search on Amazon last night for the “hair cast cd,” and found that Version Original Français will be released later this month. I have it on vinyl…it’s a little bit on the cheesy side, but still interesting if you’re as obsessive as I am; there’s also a tiny bit of dialog (as with most Hair cast recordings) and it’s interesting to see some minor changes to fit the Parisian audience. And there’s a really funky rendition of “Dead End” that, unlike the rest of the album, is entirely in English, complete with American accents. (Doesn’t beat the Japanese version of “Dead End,” though.)


Saw Hair on Broadway again after Christmas. This time, we were in the balcony instead of orchestra like last time. Got to see a lot of what we didn’t get to see last time; for instance, some of the Tribe running up and down the aisles in the balcony bending over the audience so that their long hair sweeps people’s heads. :)Â What really got me, though, was “Let The Sunshine In” — as the band stopped and the tribe kept singing a capella, hearing their echoing voices fade out underneath us as they left the theater was incredibly haunting. Very emotional. Didn’t quite have that same experience from orchestra. And Wil Swenson is one awesome Berger.



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  1. barbara siomos said:

    Sounds awesome Dauber…


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