Our Annual HAIR Gathering/Powwow/Be-In

Just to let ya all know we’ll be having our annual HAIR Gathering of the Tribes here in Maine July 7-9. Basically it’s a gathering of the 3 Tribes of HAIR I directed. We generally have about 25-30 freaks hang for the weekend. We start out with a blessing of the field where we camp out and do up a drum circle on Friday night. Saturday we barbecue, sing, throw frisbees, skinny dip, play music, share stories, and have a sing through around the camp fire Saturday night. Hopefully the weather cooperates but it diesn’t matter. We all dig on each other and that’s all that matters.






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3 Responses to “Our Annual HAIR Gathering/Powwow/Be-In”

  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    Leo! This is beautiful. Looking forward to doing something like this with my tribes as well!

  2. barbara siomos said:

    Leo…. I had this marked on my calender from the dates you gave last year… and was getting a bit worried maybe something haoppened.

    Glad to hear YOU are going forward with this… Don’t think I can make it but if I can I will let you know. I probably would stay over in a motel one night or so since the drive is so long.

  3. Michael Butler said:

    Great, so sorry to miss you both and the powwow for the Tribes.
    Have a great time
    Peace and Love

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