Anyone hear from Cheeseburger?..

no posts in a while



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6 Responses to “Anyone hear from Cheeseburger?..”

  1. Michael Butler said:

    Not a word. I fear the reason. I miss him and his rants.

  2. Nina said:

    Yes, he had some serious difficulties in his life, so his silence is worrisome. I haven’t heard from him since he left the Civic list quite some time ago.

  3. barbara siomos said:

    I have his mailing address think I should drop a line and check him out but do not want to be too intrusive since he only gave it to me for sending some cash and that was months and months ago.

    ps: IF anyone wants it I will be glad to share it privately off list. I also have been concerned about him.

  4. Michael Ramirez said:

    Who’s Cheeseburger?

  5. barbara siomos said:

    TO: Michael Ramirez

    Cheeseburger is a tribe member who used to post quite frequently always having lots to say. While getting fired up himself he at times had a tendency to get US fired up sometimes not in a good way, but that was Cheeseburger and why he is/was loved. 🙂

    He is missed, I feel because he was true to his beliefs even though at times some of us did not agree.

    I am going to drop him a note, perhaps he needs help.


  6. Lyle said:

    …calling Cheesburger; help us, we need you.

    I need you – your friend, Lyle and the Gang.
    LOL – gees; putting us on, eh?
    LOL – Getting the last laugh at our expense.


    IF you are homeless we can help. If you need medical, we can help – but you have to respond.

    LOL – come on – one last time but we won’t give up.
    LOL, LOL, 🙁

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