On the re-release on the Off Broadway Cast on CD, it included a bonus track, an instrumental titled “Opening”. Did this start the show off-broadway?



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  1. Nina said:

    The music used in the track The Opening on the Off Broadway CD includes some of the music for the song Electric Blues. I have never heard of this being used as a sort of overture off Broadway, but can’t imagine why Galt would call it thatm unless it was used for that purpose at some point. Of course it may have been written, titled and then not used. Maybe Michael or Robert, or someone else here who saw the show off Broadway would know?

    The Off Broadway script opens with a character called The Appartion entering with an American flag “like the kind you see at the side of a high school auditorium stage”. Then the two middle aged characters come out and sing “Red, Blue and White” later retitled “Don’t Put It Down”.


  2. Michael Ramirez said:

    It would be so cool and interesting to read the Off-Braodway script. I thought it was funny how on the Off Broadway “Red White and Blue” they say “I don’t look different, I’m not subverssive”. LOL

  3. Nina said:

    Well, you are welcome to make an appointment and come and read it here at the Archives.

  4. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Be careful there – she has very selective appointment criteria.

  5. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Speaking of which, Nina, would you mind a discussion on setting up an appointment?

  6. Nina said:

    Sure, but please email me privately at to discuss it, rather than doing so here on the blog.

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