Mention of HAIR in this week’s Village Voice.

Compliments of Michael Walter Harris
Mention of HAIR in this week’s Village Voice. Full article at:,feingold,73219,11.html

It’s in the following paragraph. The whole article is worth reading. -WMH

“Mentioning Wagner reminds me that acting isn’t the only realm in which Off-Broadway has been glorious lately. Musicals are Broadway’s stock in trade, but Broadway’s musicals are increasingly either foreign imports or “properties” manufactured in some corporate corridor. An actual Broadway musical, even one nurtured, like The Wedding Singer or The Drowsy Chaperone , in nonprofit venues across the country, is almost as rare a creature as an actual Broadway play. Our little downtown theater, meanwhile, has been busy creating the kind of original musical that revitalizes and challenges the form. The Broadway year has been dismal, or at best so-so, for musicals, but Off-Broadway’s come up with an appealingly varied crop: The year of See What I Wanna See, The Seven, [title of show], Grey Gardens, Miracle Brothers, Bernarda Alba, Fanny Hill, and I Love You Because can hardly be called a dull one in the musical theater. If the musical as a form is about money, then, no, most of these shows will never rank with Hair or Cats as worldwide phenomena. But if the musical is about pleasure and excitement—and it is—I’d say that even the worst of them has The Woman in White or Lestat beat all hollow.”




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  1. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Nothing can ever truly keep up with or exceed HAIR’s success.

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