Muwekma Moves To Historic Hoover Theater

Herbert (Hoover, that is) might be rolling over in his grave :-), but the Muwekma tribe of San Jose moved this week from its initial four-week run at Theatre on San Pedro Square, a 100+ seat cabaret-style black box with a 1/2 thrust stage and beautiful brick walls (but awful acoustics) to the intimate Historic Hoover Theater, a renovated 110-seat proscenium-style stage that looks like the Biltmore in miniature.Â

The acoustics of the Hoover are infinitely better than San Pedro and the opening performance tonight proved it. Every word of every song could be heard clearly in the back row, something that never happened at San Pedro despite all the mic’ing and sound equipment we could throw at the problem (ATC hanging choir mics, Crown PCC floor mics, etc.) San Pedro is just a sound sponge, sopping up all the db’s without discrimination, leaving you with the frustration of 24 singers in a small space who can’t be heard 25 feet away. The resident house manager Andrew Ceglio said “24 people ought to blow the roof off this place!” and they did, but unfortunately, it was JUST the roof that they blew off – all the sound went right up to the pitched ceiling and never came back down! No wonder several of our reviewers questioned the vocals!Â

At Hoover, the sound is amazing! Both the sound reinforcement system and the building itself work to help the tribe instead of hinder it. And the band, even on stage and well to the side, can still be heard clearly, even the brass.

The really nice thing about San Pedro was the ambience.  HAiR just “felt right” in that theater. But there is no doubt that the show “plays” better at Hoover. Being able to hear the songs clearly is one big positive, and this also helps the dialogue as well… lots more laughter from a modest audience tonight and with a full house (hopefully this weekend), it should really make an even bigger difference.

We run at the Hoover until Friday, August 24, with shows on Wednesday-Saturday evening at 8 PM and Sunday at 2 PM. Tickets are $15-25 with reserved table seats in the front $30. Check for more information.


Jon Rosen




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  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    I wish I could be there — every night!! Congrats and keep on keepin’ on!

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