Hair Alumni for The Summer of Love 40th Anniversary in the Park

Anyone Alumni interested in going to the Park for the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco should contact Barbara Moore by email You should have recieved Nina’s email with details. If not, please contact her as soon as possible. I’m sure that many alumni will be glad, to one day be able to say that they were there! So please let’s come together then, for our big build up to next years 40th anniversary of the Broadway opening.
Here’s a piece I wrote about the event for my blog, in my idealism for what Hair means to me. Apart from the obvious reasons for ending wars, with the US facing potentially radical climate changes, eg farmers in Kansas having a drought that could lead to lack of feed for livestock, water for crops etc, ocean levels rising, it’s probably time for the Earth to end all wars, for the sake of humanities survival. We’ll need our young men and women to help save lives here. So please help start the process by voicing the wonderful songs of HAIR at the festival.

Paul Korda



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