Just to say Thank You

I have never shared on here before… It has taken about 2 weeks for me even get here to express myself.

To all of you that worked on the Reunion… I want to thank you… from my heart…. for such a beautiful evening. As most of you know I didn’t think I was going to make it… however, thanks to many of you I was able to be there.

HAIR’ was about protesting and love. The other night I really saw the love between all of us. Some I hadn’t seen in 30 years and it was like yesterday. No Games… just friendships and love. To me… it became a reality that what we went through in HAIR’ gave us an insite into love… and respect… that has lasted all these years.
Michael, thank you for your friendship and love to all of us. We have had up and down times, and yet, we have come to except… appreicate…. and love… each other in a way, I believe that most people never experience.
Last, I want to say that I expect Nina and her family to be at the next one. I really missed you, Nina. Thank you, precious … for all you have done for us over the years!!!

Blessings, to all of you…



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5 Responses to “Just to say Thank You”

  1. Nina said:

    Thank you dear Red, not only for your kind words to me, but for sharing your thoughts with us here. They resonate with truth, and speak to why we need Hair again so desperately in these times.

    I am so glad you made it to this reunion! Trevor, Annie, and I will see you at the next one for sure.

  2. John Herzog said:

    Red: I’m glad you made the effort to come in spite of your predicament. You’re part of the circle and would leave a huge gap if you’ld not been there.

    PS Why can’t I get your e-mail to work???

  3. Paul Korda said:

    Thanks Red for making it and your contribution to my home video of the event.

  4. Lyle said:

    Red – a moving ball of energy…
    He understands the throbbing sounds
    A righteous motorcycle four stroke engine…
    He listens – no misery

    Vibrations which under his seat
    He hears the universe unfold and proclaim
    Tomorrow is my day which I will meet
    The head of HAIR, a magnificent soul to beat

    A Wonderful man and friend…
    Thanking you for sharing your energy
    To the firmament where good lumber is stored
    Building your own house of dreams until the end…

  5. JooleeWMcKay said:

    red – my friend
    i’ll not forget your kindness
    into your heart you took me
    at a time that mine was broken
    near hana’s seven sacred pools’deep darkness
    you laughed — emotions open
    hasegawa’s store, closed to all, at rest
    opened joyfully at your nighttime request
    dusty rodeo, bright moon, haleakala,
    wonderful and strong…you’ve come so far…
    banish pain, don’t give in to its crush
    you are needed, right here with us.


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