HAIR, Navesink-Phoenix Tribe, Red Bank, NJ, Fall 2006

For the record:


Phoenix Productions Presents


Music by Galt McDermot

Lyrics by James Rado and Gerome Ragni

Produced by John Onorato

Directed and Choreographed by Anthony D’Amato / Dori Erikson

Music Direction by Andrew Macirowski

Set Design by Andrew Burian

Costume Design by Linda Erickson

Lighting Design by Rich Borders

Sound Design by L&M Sound

[…] granted through special license with Tams-Witmark New York.

Cast of Characters

Claude = Brandon Straka

Berger = EJ Marotta

Sheila = Jillian Tully

Jeanie = Andrea Cartagena

Hud = Jamal Sawab

Woof = Anthony Preuster

Dionne = Deseree Spinks

Crissy = Kristin Contrino

Tourist/Rodeo Peg = Keith Nielsen

Tribe/Ahem = Avon Coleman II

Tribe/Angela = Bre Cade

Tribe/Beau = Evan Fagin

Tribe/Brother Beefy = Jay Giberson

Tribe/Doh Doh = Michael Hollingsworth

Tribe/Idina Star = Katie Pierce

Tribe/Journey = James Steele

Tribe/Lilith = Kelli Marone

Tribe/Lost Child = Natasha Kurilew

Tribe/Lyric = Devan Sheridan

Tribe/Magic = Jet Dragon

Tribe/Melody = Jennifer Nelson

Tribe/Pirate = Brian Williams

Tribe/Skyla = Brittney Herrera

Tribe/Random Lee = Denise Jobes

Tribe/Yabba Dabba = Charlie Abouzied

Tribe/Zion = Ron Santee

Tribe/Sophia = Dori Erickson

Tribe/Skinny D = Anthony D’Amato

Production Staff



The HAIR Band:




Special Thank You’s to:

Joe Russo, Jim Rado, Nina Dayton, the HAIR Archives, Michael Butler, Ricard Haase, Mike Blaxill, Michael Ramirez, Michael Arian, CJ Thouret, Zack Passman, Lyle K’ang, Rita Kelly, One Eyed Jack, Bob Egan, Tony DiDia, Maria Ventura


(For the record)

Next performances

Friday, September 15, 8:00 P.M.

Saturday, September 16, 8:00 P.M.

Sunday, September 17, 3:00 P.M. (Final)




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5 Responses to “HAIR, Navesink-Phoenix Tribe, Red Bank, NJ, Fall 2006”

  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    here’s a cool link with pics from last Sat nite

    thnks Dorilicious!

  2. Tioga Joe said:

    Thanks, Mister Mike. Now the stage pictures on Dori’s site, save for the group shot with Jim Rado and Michael Butler down center stage, were apparently from the earlier incarnation of Ant D’Amato’s HAIR. ‘Twas in Bordentown, New Jersey (West Central Jersey). But, as I’d missed THAT run, I’m so happy to see those pics. Thanks again.

    Dori, Dorilicious, is (and I mean “IS”!) the epitome of … “Hippie.” And about the sweetest and most caring person I’ve ever met (save perhaps for her sister and her mom, that they love so much — who, BTW, in the day, by her daughter’s accounts, was the epitome of … “Sheila Franklin” — She was the constant (and consummate) political activist and protester — Linda Erickson, the Costumer for this HAIR, and, BTW, the one who remembered to include a Vietnam veteran in the Tribe, wearing the initials (as did a love of hers at the time), VVAW — “Vietnam Veterans Against the War”).

    Yep, them’s some cool hippie chicks!


  3. Dori Erickson said:

    Ding! Ding! Ding! You figured out my dirty little secret! Just kidding.
    I am a notorius hippie… How I LOVE my Hippie Life!!! And Tioga Joe should know- he spent 2 evenings into the dawn at my communal home. I love you man! And yes the picture slideshow on my space is from the last production of Hair(our warm-up as we call it!) where I was Sheila Franklin. Mama Linda raised me to believe in Love, Peace, and Acceptance and to always speak my mind and to stand up for people who can not stand on their own. Sometimes I feel I was born in the wrong generation… but I’m trying my damnest to bring back the revolution to the streets!!!
    Peace & Love

  4. Tioga Joe said:

    Nope, Dear Dorilicious Sophia, you were born in the RIGHT time. This time SO needs your Hippie Spirit. Keep up the good work in spreading the Groovy Revolution! And, yeah, what a homey “communal home.” I am honored and feel so privileged to have been welcomed to join your Tribe’s wind-down and crashing at your lovely and comforting “crash-pad.” And please share my gratefulness with my other hosts and hostesses, your sister, your man Andy, and that cool, nice, and friendly housemate of yours, whose name I never caught (but his looks remind me of actor Jerry O’Connell Anyhoo, … Hey! Brainstorm! My digs are small, but what a trip it would be (MUTUALLY, I’d think) WAY cool for a smattering of your Tribe to crash at my pad some time (Hey! how ’bout following the tour of my Vietnam Era museum we’re planning?). Up in the morning, step out the front door, turn left, walk 5 minutes, and your toes are in the Atlantic Ocean. My most recent house guest (whom you, too, know and love) did just that! I say, follow in his footsteps, eh? Anyhoo, ….
    Edamame, ; )

  5. Dori Erickson said:

    Sounds like a plan!
    Love you man!
    Dorilicious Sophia

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