Favorite Lines

What are your favorite lines from HAIR? One of my favorites is “Eat it on CBS television!”.

I also like “Cause I look different; You think I’m subversive”.



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10 Responses to “Favorite Lines”

  1. hamlet said:

    “The rest is silence.” But it seems like I’ve heard it somewhere before . . .

    That and the bit about not wanting the $2 back.

    Wait, aren’t I supposed to be dead now?

  2. Tioga Joe said:

    “I fashion my future on films in space.”

  3. Dori Erickson said:

    Mommy, mommy, there’s a dragon in your mouth!!

  4. peacefreak said:

    “Do whatever you want, be whomever you wanna be just as long as you don’t hurt anybody. And remember, I am your friend.”

  5. JulieWinnMcKay said:

    “It’s not fried, it’s Shake and Bake”

  6. Nina said:

    “Walking in space we find the purpose of peace.
    The beauty of life you can no longer hide.
    Our eyes are open, our eyes are open.

  7. Mike Blaxill said:

    “follow the wind song .. follow the thunder .. follow the neon in young lovers eyes”

  8. Anthony D'Amato said:

    This is tricky, but here’s one I’ve always liked:

    “Somewhere inside something there is a rush of greatness. Who knows what stands in front of our lives?”

  9. Doris said:

    “Harmony and understanding,
    Sympathy and trust abounding,
    No more falsehoods or derisions,
    Golden living dreams of visions,
    Mystic crystal revelation,
    and the mind’s true liberation…”

    But I’ve also always liked “Emanci-motherfucking-pator of the slaves” and “Crazy for the blue, white, red and yellow….fringe”

  10. JulieWinnMcKay said:

    Thanks Doris . . and please, everyone, excuse my flippant answer earlier on this site.

    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revalation
    And the mind’s true liberation

    Words to live by.

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