Hair music collector from the Netherlands

Hi everyone,
I just got this in from a Hair collector in the Netherlands. Hopefully he will join us here,
or some of you who collect Hair recordings can connect with him (Dauber, Michael R...?)
Subject: hair lp's
Hello fellow hair fans,

I'm a huge fan of the music of Hair. I own over 30 Hair lp's from all over

the world (even Japanese). My goal is to own every single Hair lp made. I

was wondering if you happen to know if there is a list of all the lp's? That

would make the search a bit more easier. Or perhaps you know collectors with

whom i can trade doubles.

Thanks in advance. Greetings.

Bas te Braak (the Netherlands)



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4 Responses to “Hair music collector from the Netherlands”

  1. Michael Ramirez said:

    I sent him an email..

  2. Nina said:

    Great. Thanks Michael.

  3. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Did someone refer this guy to John Holleman? John’s still online as far as I know, and he has a pretty big collection.

  4. Inf said:

    Hello everybody,

    I’m Bas from the Netherlands. Here is my list of Hair lp’s. I’m looking for every single Hair lp that isn’t on my list. Please e-mail me if you wanna trade or sell the lp’s.


    – Hair London Cast LP 1969 Polydor 583 043
    – Hair London Cast LP 1970 Polydor 2371-066 (same cover as the 1969 version, only blue)
    – Hair (British cast) LP Discofoon 7068 A
    – Hair 1970 Amsterdam Cast LP Polydor 2441 002 (3 copies)
    – Divine Hair – Mass in F LP 1971 RCA LSP 4632 (2 copies)
    – Sandy Brown -Hair at it’s hairiest Wing-Mercury SRW-16405
    – Dennis Coffey – Hair and Thangs (reissue) LP
    – The music and songs from Hair (Geoff Love, Alyn Ainsworth, a.o.) Pickwick SPS 3169
    – Hair (Allan Crawford, Bruce Baxter a.o.) LP 1971 Hallmark SHM 683
    – Hair New York Shakespeare Festival Public Theater LP RCA PRS-319
    – DisinHAIRited LP 1970 RCA LSO-1163
    – The Aquarius – Hair LP 1969 Marble Arch MALS-1156 (2 copies)
    – Hair (the London Theater Ensemble and chorus) LP Sommerset 693
    – The Boston – Hair Dance Selection LP Cornet Special 16039
    – The Jason Ryder Sound – Hair LP 1969 MFP MFP-5012 (2 copies)
    – James Last – Hair LP Polydor 249327 (3 copies)
    – Twen – Top Hair LP Maritim 47020 FU
    – Hair OST recording LP 1979 RCA BL-3274
    – Hair (Broadway Cast) LP RCA LSO 1150 (3 copies)
    – Hair (French Cast) LP Philips PHS 600-329
    – Haare (German) LP Tip 2428 008
    – Hair (London Cast) LP Polydor/Readers Diggest RDS 9039
    – Hair (with Alan Hawkshaw on organ) LP 1969 Saga Eros 8116 (3 copies)
    – Hair (with Alan Hawkshaw on organ) LP 1969 Boulevard 4061
    – Don Kirshner cuts Hair LP RCA LSP-4174
    – Haare German LP Polydor 249 266
    – Barney Kessel – Hair is beautiful LP 1969 Atlantic SD 8235
    – Hair – The best of Broadway and Hollywood LP 1976 RCA LC 0316
    – Hair (London Cast) LP ATCO SD 7002
    – Stan Kenton – Hair LP Capitol ST-305
    – Hair (Japanese Cast) LP LSO-1170
    – Galt McDermot – Hair Pieces LP Verve FTS-3045
    – Galt McDermot – First Natural Hair Band LP United Artists UAS 6750
    – Galt McDermot – Hair cuts LP Kilmarnock Records KIL-69001

    Hair 7”
    – Zen – Aquarius/Hair Philips 334 634 F
    – The 5th Dimension – Aquarius/Let the sunshine in Liberty 2C 006-90098 M
    – Hair OST – I got life/Hair RCA PB-9458
    – Shirley Bassey – Easy to be hard United Artists 5C 006-91617 M
    – The Cowsills – Hair 1969 MGM 61 214-A

    Lp’s with hair songs
    – The Cowsills – In concert (Hair) LP MGM SE-4619
    – Great hits from the musicals (Joe Reisman – Aquarius) LP Reader’s Diggest DRDS 9024
    – The Ventures – Hawaii Five-0 (Aquarius/Let the sunshine in) LP Liberty LBS 8061
    – Rhonda Scott – A l’orgue hammond vol. 2 (Hair) LP Barclay XBLY 920 126
    – The California Poppy Pickers – Hair/Aquarius LP Alshire S-5153
    – Brain Auger & Julie Driscoll – The best of the best of (Let the sunshine in) LP Polydor 2482 125
    – Peter Nero – Hits from Hair to Hollywood (Aquarius, Let the sunshine in, Be-in, Where do i go, Hair, Good morning starshine) LP Columbia CS 9907
    – The 5th Dimension – The age of aquarius (Aquarius/Let the sunshine in) LP Soul City SCS-92005 (2 copies)
    – Hugo Montenegro – This is… (Good morning starshine, Aquarius) LP RCA VSP-6036
    – The Günter Kallmann Choir – Feeling groovy (Aquarius, Good morning starshine) LP Polydor 184 237
    – Francois Glorieux – From Bach to Beatles (Aquarius) LP Musica Magna MAG 20 003
    – Charlie Byrd – Aquarius (Aquarius) Columbia CS 9841

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