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What have I done wrong to show an edit and a delete in the two last colums?

I don’t know if you saw American Idol last night, but one our old cast members was on the show and that was Meatloaf.

Love YA ~~Charles~~



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4 Responses to “Edit / Delete”

  1. Nina said:

    Hi Charles,

    You have the ability to edit or delete your own posts, so those options will always appear for you. You didn’t do anything wrong. 🙂

  2. Michael Butler said:

    Didn’t see it but that was nice for Meatloaf.

  3. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    Saw Meat Loaf on American Idol. Apparently, he was promoting “Bat Out of Hell III,” as it’s supposed to be his retirement album before he goes into film acting. He dueted with Katharine McPhee (the female runner-up) on “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” which you may recall was sung by Celine Dion and written by Meat’s songwriter, Jim Steinman.

    It might have been stage fright or bad sound mix, but his voice didn’t sound too good that night (he also looked like he hadn’t shaved in a while, and unfortunately his long hair and famed weight are mostly long gone). Here’s the link to the video and MP3 (decide for yourselves):


  4. Gibson DelGiudice said:

    And here’s the video *cut off in my last post*:


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