Hair Alumni on Springsteen website

Hey this is pretty cool .. Kathy Nixon (Boston Sheila) and Debbie Andrews (Bway, DC, Detroit Crissy) are on Bruce Springsteen’s website “”. They’re pictured singing with Lisa Lowell who is a vocalist on Bruce’s Seeger Sessions record .. if you look at the three singers on the right Kathy is leaning in with the glasses and Debbie is in the middle with her eyes closed, hand raised. Lisa Lowell is also a guest vocalist on Debbie’s (and my) band Gladshot’s new cd
link here (click and scroll down to “Red Headed Women” post



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  1. wampanoagwench said:

    This a message for Kathy Nixon.
    Hey, Girl! Just a note to touch base. It’s wonderful to learn that you are still singing; and in fabulous company! I’m sure you’re busy as hell, please drop me a note when you can?
    Most fondly,
    Tressa Gilliland

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