HAIR 40th Final Reunion

40th Anniversary Hair Alumni Reunion Invitation.pdf



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3 Responses to “HAIR 40th Final Reunion”

  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    i met Vincent Edwards last night .. what a great guy!..found this you tube of him singing Aquarius in London

  2. John Herzog said:

    I had a great time seeing old friends and tribe members and makeing some new friends as well. Plus.. I fell in love with NY again. (Is that possible?):) Peace and love, yes indeedy.

  3. rjmac said:

    My thanks to Nina, Michael B., Walter M.H., Natalie M. and all others for putting this together.

    A sweet and poignant night for me. As the fina opportunity to stick together, it did feel like “the last night of the world.”

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