Casting for new TV game show

Passing this info on for anyone in the LA area who is interested. All necessary info is below.
Date: June 19, 2007 1:18:40 PM PDT
To: Michael Butler
Subject: Hi Michael
Hi Michael,
I am casting Merv Griffin’s new game show

“Crosswords”. I was wondering if you could mention
our auditions/pass on this email info to some of your
We are looking for smart, out going people. People
who like crosswords or are into words/English are
great! (ie.writers,lawyers,etc…)
Here is our info below,
Thank you-
Merv Griffin has a new game show!
Merv Griffin’s Crosswords is gearing up and we need
some fast thinkers!
Win cash and trips!
Prospective contestants must be:
•Over the age of 18.
•Have not appeared on a reality or game show in the
past 6 months.
•Does not know an employee of “Merv Griffin’s
Crosswords”, William Morris Agency,Program Partners,
or Merv Griffin
If you live in the greater Los Angeles area or are
planning a trip out here and want to be on the show,
please email:
or call the contestant department at: (323) 762-8282.



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