Got an extra bed or a comfy sofa in NYC?

Hi all – things are heating up for the 40th Anniversary reunion in NYC. People are coming from all over, and tickets are selling fast. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, please do so soon – we would hate for anyone to be disappointed. You can get tickets at

The reason I am writing here today is that there are some alumni who really need a cheap or free place to stay the night of the party (Saturday May 3) in order to be able to afford to attend. So if you live in NYC and have an extra bed or a comfortable sofa, and would be willing to let a Tribe member sleep over that night please let me know! Email me at

Hope I’ll see you all there on May 3rd!




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  1. peacefreak said:

    I know the lodgings in NYC are not cheap!! Our group of five had hoped to find an spare sofa, hostel, or whatever but that wasn’t in the cards so the 5 of us are splitting costs on a room. We’re bussing in from Boston early Saturday morning. Good luck to anyone seeking lodging man. We’ll see you all on Saturday!!


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