2007 Off And Running

I don’t know how many of you saw the 2007 Rose Parade, which is a spectacle of enormous floats that are 100% covered in flowers or other materials from living plants. It takes place every New Year’s day on the streets of Pasadena, California, and it is covered live on local television. Interspersed between the floats are marching bands, mostly from schools across the nation (often playing their athletic “fight” songs), but also an occasional band from a foreign country, the Salvation Army, and, of course, the US Military. Unfortunately, most of the musical selections are marshall music or closely related thereto.

The parade features a “Rose Queen” and her court who are chosen from Pasadena College, the official host of the parade, and the college’s marching band also performed.

Well, cybertribe, for this year’s parade, the hosting Pasadena College Marching Band paused right in front of the television platform to deliver a short medly that ended with “Let The Sunshine In!” The cameras even got closeups of some band members who the were clearly singing! (I have never before seen any marching band member singing along.) The announcers of the quite conservative local TV station that covers the parade live (and even repeats it several times during the day) even called out the title of the song though they did not mention that it was from HAiR.

What a way to start 2007!


Blessed be with peace, love, freedom, and happiness throughout the new year!




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2 Responses to “2007 Off And Running”

  1. barbara siomos said:

    Thank you for sharing that John, it is a lovely way to start the New Year and what a way to go for the conservative marching band and local TV station…. 🙂


  2. JooleeWMcKay said:

    Sorry I missed that moment. Being a native Californian – growing up mostly in S. CA – during th Eisenhower-Kennedy era – the Rose Parade was an important part of my family’s holiday celebration. We sometimes camped along the parade route at night, warm in our sleeping bags, watching our breathy anticipation create art, then vanish in the chilly night Pasadena air. I miss those innocent times in the 1950s and early ’60s when my world – on New Year’s morning – was full of possibilities; fresh, sunny, colorful fragrant, and fantasy-filled. Except for the escalating cold war, threat of nuclear annihilation and drop drills in school, life was idealic.
    When will we ever learn? Maybe in 2007.
    The Rose Parade is a good place to start.
    Thanks for sharing, John.
    Peace and Love

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