2006 > 2007

My hopes for 2007 are that you have the best year ever.
For myself that I produce HAIR in Las Vegas for a national tour.
That we all forget most of 2006, not the best of years for America.
Peace and Love, Michael



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6 Responses to “2006 > 2007”

  1. Anthony D'Amato said:

    Michael — same to you. Thank you for everything in 2006… and looking forward to the rest!!

  2. Nina said:

    Happy new year to all in our global tribe. May 2007 bring us the best of everything, including peace for our world, and many wonderful productions of Hair!
    Peace and love,

  3. Surge said:

    God Bless you M
    I hope you can get to Zion National Park “Not far from Vegas” It’s a wonderful place to reconnect… Plan and worship
    Peace and Love

  4. barbara siomos said:

    Love to ALL in 2007 🙂 ….. especially to Michael who has brought so much joy to all of us from the HAiR tribe.

  5. JooleeWMcKay said:

    All my best, Michael, that your hopes and wishes are made real 1n 2007.
    And to those still united in spirit and love, I send peaceful thoughts on this calm, sunnny, life-filled desert afternoon.
    Me ke aloha pumehana

  6. Lyle said:

    Count me in – color me bright! Best to you MB, and especially the World Tribe…

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