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richard haase hotprojects at nyc.rr.com
Thu Jan 6 11:21:09 PST 2005

its also barbera as structurally speaking we seem to be fitting criteria to
get babak out whereas most proposals do not; i dont want to alter anything;
eg fix whats not broken; this appears to be going through etc structurally
in terms of being ammenable to gov regulations for visas on both sides etc
im going to crunch the numbers
if im lucky ill get the thint to work for 25 - 35k instead of 50k
but these days that tends to be the limits towards where commercial
theatrical life exists
lol and not lol
thanks again for taking the time to enquire
richard haase in nyc

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> Richard...
> Are you taking donations? Or just flat out B-I-G bucks at once?
> peace,
> barbara
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> This is the picture of a young composer I am trying to save from Iran;
> his case came to my attention out of nowhere and in addition to my
> ongoing work with my projects I have fast tracked trying to raise an
> additional 50k - 100k in addition to my regular fundraising efforts;
> which will enable a small scale islamic theater project which should
> legally enable us to bring babak to the states as a composer and a
> consultant for the production ( eg it is a unique tangible situation etc
> ); the handsome young man you see before you made the mistake of
> disseminating a cd to a few friends with " forbidden " writings and he
> is now on the run for his life; we have between 2 and 6 weeks to save
> him depending upon contingencies not within our control including if the
> country in the middle east he is currently in renews his papers or not;
> this is not anything i counted on working on in addition to immense
> project load all ready; but i felt i could not turn my back on this
> young mans cries for help; if this touches something in anyone as it did
> me; please someone contact me and help ; thanks
> richard haase in nyc
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> her you are!
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