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no no donations lol thank you how kind
the situation is tangibly this
there is a back log in middle eastern countries of people trying to get out
you have to have a unique and tangible circumstance
the person in the US having to demonstrate a specific need
for the specific person for a work type visa
obviously we all revert to what we do
i put on shows
happen to have in my catalogue
one one out of a bunch of projects
one islamic drama project
fast put that before my connections in immigration government etc
saying that the young man who is a composer
in the style of strauss european romanticism
would function doubly as composer and islamic cultural consultant for my
islamic play
which i wrote as a protest against the pandemic subtle and not subtle anti
arab propaganda being circulated by elements of the right wing in power etc;
anyway so far this particular scenario seems to be being green lighted
eg where empircially most suggestions scenarios are not
so were running with it
i figured out just this morning i can do the play in the first part of an
evening ( three characters ) based on the first book of the koran and the
second part of the evening
will be a concert for three pianos of his music;

so total cost 50k
the upper number probably not necessary
eg 100k predicated on additional dramatic events to make full scale evening
this way 3 pianos + 3 actors
50k should cover it
if i can do it for less i would do it for less
running running figuratively ( typing ) etc
to have finite budget in hours
both for general purposes and for this supposed backer in middle east ( who
could be real or who could be after the boy for god knows what reason )?
also in next day going to run to islamic cultural organizations etc
local persian businessmen; every vip i can think of etc

the thing with theatrical investment barbara is that one cannot use it in
pieces because of anti fraud laws and one cannot claim substantiality of the
venture in question for the purposes of legally brining babak here until its
fully capitalized; will have budget in hours; 50k is a good working number;
can take it in pieces eg if we found 5 or 10 people to do it etc; my lawyer
manager im sure would donate servicers to do limited liability corporation
document on the cuff etc; but the pt being although we can do it in pieces;
we as honest people cant touch it or use it as any kind of criteria asset
political capital etc until the thing is capitilized in toto due to ny state
anti fraud laws governing theatrical business/investment etc

thanks for asking barbara ask around please etc
everyone this is no joke
thanks again guys
richard haase in nyc
718 423 0499
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> Richard...
> Are you taking donations? Or just flat out B-I-G bucks at once?
> peace,
> barbara
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> This is the picture of a young composer I am trying to save from Iran;
> his case came to my attention out of nowhere and in addition to my
> ongoing work with my projects I have fast tracked trying to raise an
> additional 50k - 100k in addition to my regular fundraising efforts;
> which will enable a small scale islamic theater project which should
> legally enable us to bring babak to the states as a composer and a
> consultant for the production ( eg it is a unique tangible situation etc
> ); the handsome young man you see before you made the mistake of
> disseminating a cd to a few friends with " forbidden " writings and he
> is now on the run for his life; we have between 2 and 6 weeks to save
> him depending upon contingencies not within our control including if the
> country in the middle east he is currently in renews his papers or not;
> this is not anything i counted on working on in addition to immense
> project load all ready; but i felt i could not turn my back on this
> young mans cries for help; if this touches something in anyone as it did
> me; please someone contact me and help ; thanks
> richard haase in nyc
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> her you are!
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