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Are you taking donations? Or just flat out B-I-G bucks at once?

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This is the picture of a young composer I am trying to save from Iran;
his case came to my attention out of nowhere and in addition to my
ongoing work with my projects I have fast tracked trying to raise an
additional 50k - 100k in addition to my regular fundraising efforts;
which will enable a small scale islamic theater project which should
legally enable us to bring babak to the states as a composer and a
consultant for the production ( eg it is a unique tangible situation etc
); the handsome young man you see before you made the mistake of
disseminating a cd to a few friends with " forbidden " writings and he
is now on the run for his life; we have between 2 and 6 weeks to save
him depending upon contingencies not within our control including if the
country in the middle east he is currently in renews his papers or not;
this is not anything i counted on working on in addition to immense
project load all ready; but i felt i could not turn my back on this
young mans cries for help; if this touches something in anyone as it did
me; please someone contact me and help ; thanks 
richard haase in nyc

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her you are!

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