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this is the original message that brought the young composers plight to my attention
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      dear davina,

      I brought a CD which contains some books (like:
      satanic verses by Salman Roshdi, 23 years by Ali
      Dashti and other works about some fact about the
      islamic satanic regime of iran) which are absolutely
      illegal in Iran. My friends and I decided to share out
      this CD among our acquaintances we trust in. About one
      and half months ago are two lads (Junger Mann)
      disappeared who were sharing the CD in an small city
      in order to make money. These two persons received
      this CD actually by friends of my friend and not
      directly from by friend! Their Families worried about
      them. We don't know where they were at all. Their
      families do search for them everywhere. You know
      certainly that our Regime don't want it at all that
      some people like us try to enlighten and inform
      others. We are sure that they were arrested. But no
      one knows exactly what happened to them. They came
      back after about two weeks and maintained that they
      were on vacation. One of my friends who lives in the
      same small city and who were helping me to share the
      CD in this town has been informed by his friends that
      the two lads are looking for him. In this way we
      understand now where the two lads were in this period.
      Then my friend informed me about this news as soon as
      he received it. He could not flee from Iran, because
      he hasn't passport yet. But I decided to flee and
      recommended him don't stay at home at least. It's
      absolutely unsafe that I go back to my own country,
      although I love it naturally. As mentioned above, I am
      who brought this CD from Germany. And the security
      staffs of Regime will find a sporn of me soon. They
      are to dangerous and merciless to people like me who
      could be source of these enlightening references,
      because they want to stay in power and therefore the
      people must stay in ignorance.

      I am in pakistan now and becoming crazy here.. I will
      go to US-embassy on Tuesday to apply for asylum
      there.. I apply also in UNHCR (united nations high
      commissioner for refuggee). how could you help me ?!

      I braough some of my last composed songs (sketches)
      with me..  Please inform soon me if you could help me
      to come out from this hell. if somebody like you
      supports me. I think the US embassy will accept me

      I have not so much money to stay for a long time here!

      I cannot go back to my country,. I will be identified
      as a heath and must be executed after Islamic Hadithes

      I am waiting for you soon reply !

      Best wishes,

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