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Coradina - 1

Coradina - 2

Coradina - 3

Coradina - 4

Coradina - 5

Fern Gimbel and NB Premiere

Jorie on the Coradina

Jorie on the Coradina

Captain Strum

Coradina - 10

Coradina - 11

Coradina - 12

Coradina - 13

Coradina - 14

Coradina - 15

Coradina - 16

Coradina - 17

Coradina - 18

JFK as photographed by MB 3

JFK as photographed by MB 2

JFK as photographed by MB 1

MB as photographed by JFK

Michael Butler in the Mediterranean

  • Don Soegaard

    I bought the Coradina in late 1975 in Port of Spain, Trinidad. It was in terrible condition. The hull had been eaten away by Toredoes and Gribble, the standing rigging rotted at the turnbuckles, the running rigging gone and the masts delaminating. Had many adventures getting it to Panama, where I ended up finally pulling it out and doing a ferro-cement job on it to keep it from sinking until a proper replanking could be done. The only difference between the photos that I see, is that when I bought it, it also had a foretopmast and accommodated 2 yards, not just one. At my facebook page you will see a photo taken of it when I was in Bequia with a white 70 foot ketch that I also bought off to the right side.

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