Tom O’Horgan

With a very sad heart I pass on the information that Tom O’Horgan passed away yesterday. Info here:

Google News
Yahoo News
More information will be posted as we get it. Such a sad day for all theatre fans, and all of us who had the privilege of knowing and working with Tom.




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5 Responses to “Tom O’Horgan”

  1. Doris said:

    Very sad! All the more poignant that Tom was able to attend, and be beautifully honored at, Hair’s 40th B’Day last spring.


  2. peacefreak said:

    I totally agree Doris. This is indeed a sad day for all! Tom will be dearly missed.


  3. LilacAmy11 said:

    Such sad news. Thoughts and prayers are with Tom’s family


  4. rjmac said:

    From the NY Times:

  5. michaeldanso said:

    He is missed.

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