TIME THIEF by Michael Brown

Time Thief

the other day the doc’s office held the usual feng shui
the past three months were conversations all about a search
so when I asked if he had found what the tests would show me
I noticed that his answer sorta knocked me off my perch

I know I’ve done some crazy stuff, it’s a wonder I’m still here
but from left field or the cool blue moon or a month of Sundays still
did not explain a visit that the ugly truth made clear
that time is precious only if there’s not enough to fill

up til then the notion was the end was still abstract
not bracketed by terminal, free time a sound belief
so today I have to tell myself to try and not lose track
of those who love and share my life and offer some relief

I thought of time as mine, I owned it, to do with as I please
I realize now that time’s on loan to steward with respect
so that moving on includes the grace of giving others ease
without the burden common to the time spent on regrets

embi 3/20/12



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