Theater Roots: Caffe Cino Pages

Playwright Robert Patrick has assembled a teriffic archive on the Caffe Cino, with 30 pages of photos of productions and personalities– including a page devoted to The Harris Family.

Other notables: Hair personalities Tom O’Horgan, Seth Allen, Walter Michael Harris; Bernadette Peters at the Cino in “Dames at Sea”, Bette Middler at La Mama in a play by Tom Eyen…

Worthwhile look for theater folks.


_CINO 1: Early Plays, Late Plays, Gay Plays_
( 1682
Plays by most of the major Caffe Cino writers, links to two plays.
_CINO 2: Plays & Peeps; The Spring Horror Show_
( 721
Earliest show photo (1958!); JOE CINO in a play; KENNY BURGESS.
_CINO 3: Fame & The Fire_ (

TIMES.html) 563
Jealousy and camaraderie Off-Off.
_CINO 4: Plays & Personalities_
( 596
Includes two shots of the comic-book production, “Snow White.”
_CINO 5: How The Cino Looked_
( 535
A virtual tour and a link to a great photo.
_CINO 6: The Obie, And After Joe’s Death_
( 468
Includes link to MICHAEL SMITH’s Cino memories.
_CINO 7: Posters & Flyers_
( 442
_CINO 8: Cino Stars In Movies & TV_
( 433
_CINO 9: The Harris Family_
( 600
Includes link to WALTER HARRIS’ tribute to his father GEORGE HARRIS II
_CINO 10: Cino Actors Elsewhere Off-Off Broadway_
( 699
Includes a tribute to CHARLES STANLEY
_CINO 11: Cino Actors in Andy Milligan Movies_
( 447
Includes a link to a discussion of ANDY’s films, and a link to
_CINO 11A: Hope Stansbury_
( 106
More Milligan stills, Milligan players at a party, shots of HOPE in plays,
and WILLIAM M. HOFFMAN’s confession.
_CINO 12: Year By Year_ (
Photo of JOE CINO with JOHNNY TORRE; photos or flyers from plays from 1960
through 1968; the “Wonder Woman” story.
_CINO 12A: Lincoln Center_
( 303
Wonderful JAMES GOSSAGE snapshots of Cinoites at RICHARD BUCK and MAGIE
DOMINIC’s 1985 exhibition.
_CINO 14: Playwrights at the Cino_
( 323
_CINO 15: Odds & Ends_ ( 221
RUTH YORCK; the “Lady Bright” autograph racket; plays ABOUT the Cino (link
to DONALD L. BROOKS’ “Superfreak” page); et cetera.
_CINO 16: After the Cino_ (
Some Cino plays that are still produced; 4 books about Off-Off (link to
RICHARD BUCKS’ critique of them); song to CHARLES STANLEY.
_CINO 17: Before Decor_ ( 235
BOB DAHDAH’s snapshots of Cino plays before 1961; photo of JOE CINO at 18.
_CINO 18: Pretty Pictures_ (
Striking Off-Off images, only three from the Cino.
_CINO 18A: Phunny Photos_ (
Again, from all over Off-Off.
_CINO 19: Goldies_ ( 328
_CINO 20: Mo’ Goldies_ ( 313
Cino people today.
_CINO 21: Cino People at La Mama_
( 246
Including Bette Midler, “BaAaNnGg!!, and a 1962 play.
_CINO 22: Odds & Ends 2_ ( 141
Stuff from all over, including JEFF WEISS’ “Pinocchio.”
_CINO 23: Gay Plays at the Cino_
( 147
Very dense page, small type..
_CINO 24: Yet Mo’ Goldies_ (
Includes what is perhaps the last photo of STEVE VAN VOST/DAVIS.
_CINO 25: Friends_ ( 164
Just Cino People together; 16 photos, 4 of them posed publicity pictures.
_CINO 26: Venues Inspired by the Cino_
( 178
Photos of my plays and other people’s at theatres directly inspired by the
Cino, including theatres in Canada and South Africa..
_CINO 27: Issues_ ( 113
What we wrote about.
_CINO 28: Beauty and Death_ (
Six Off-Off crucifixion scenes, plus a gallery of early Off-Off’s prettiest
_CINO 29: Dames at Sea_ ( 70
_CINO 30: Goldies Galore_ (
Items of limited, peripheral, tangential, or ephemeral interest, changed
every Tuesday or Wednesday.



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  1. Mike Blaxill said:

    what a treasure – thanks!

  2. barbara siomos said:

    Awesome RJ thank you for sending this.


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