The Night Before The Be-IN, 20 October

Hi Corrinne
Tadg here

I play harmonica with the King Brothers Band. The band is fronted by Lee
King (remember him?) We will be playing the night before the reunion at a

place called Harvelles in Santa Monica

1432 4th St
Santa Monica CA

Can you please forward this to the Hair List
In case anyone comes into town a day early we would love to see them at
We kick at about 9:00 PM
hope 2 see U there

Tadg Galleran



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3 Responses to “The Night Before The Be-IN, 20 October”

  1. John Herzog said:

    Hey Tadg: Count me in. I live only a few blocks from there. Can’t wait to see you and Lee play. Cool.


  2. JulieWinnMcKay said:

    Wow Great. I’ll be close — staying on 2nd and California. I’ll be picking up a reunion person at LAX also that evening.
    y father — a jazz musician — played at Harvelles occasionally.
    Thank for the invite.

  3. Lyle said:

    Tadg and Mr. King – what a sound, truly had a rush seeing you play.

    Hi, Red Shepard who dances his ass off, Pappy screaming and shooting videos until he was told to stop.

    Mr. Herzog good to see you again there and at the theater and last but not least Jessica Marciel and daughter and Julie McKay both from Las Vegas, great to see you guys and please hookup in Vegas.

    Great Night!

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