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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Tedda Bracci. Have a great one and a super year. You are always there for all of us to our great pleasure. Peace and Love,




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  1. JeffWeHo said:

    Happy Birthday Teda. I love you!!!!

    How’s your ‘Brain’ workinng? (sorry, inside joke)



  2. Andrew said:

    happy birthday! I have been rdneiag your blog for years literally la. Commented for a few times but since I had changed my usernames so you probably don’t rmb me! Wanted to type Chinese but since I am at the office I have to do it quickly before my boss catches me xD. I agree with you, we don’t have to have any grand plans to be happy. Just follow ur heart!

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    Coming from a myself, I know how these things (State Capitols) help form one's sense-of-place, and imagination.* So, it's w/ my California bias that I say that the scale of Texas's looks all wrong to me. Too much of that "See how BIG!!1!1! we are!!!" Texas thang.* Plus, my mom used to volunteer there as a docent, in period (1906, the Time of the Great SF Earthquake) dress. So now, when I think of the California Capitol, I also think of my history-lovin' mom.

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    My understanding is that despite having a fairly homogonous image internationally, Iran is only about two-thirds Persian/Iranian, with most of the remainder being Turkic, with a good number of Kurds, Arabs and others. Just yesterday there was a report out on Iranian shelling in Kurdish Iraq. Do you know if the Turks of Iran are uniformly Azeri Turk, or are there other Turkic dialects?

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