Soul Discoveries!

Hello beautiful HAIR tribes ~ I haven’t talked to you for awhile, because I’ve had a challenging last three months (caught on fire, infection, home invasion)
So, after plastic surgery, emotional craziness and some serious soul searching/fear facing, I have discovered the most amazing thing: forgiveness, when you are ready to really do it, is about the most powerful thing I’ve ever experienced. It made me think of all of you. I’ve not physically met any of you but Michael, yet I feel a wonderful acceptance as part of your tribe.

I’m certainly not done facing my fears, and will have to renew forgivings…but I guess I just wanted to tell someone, that for the first time in four months, I really know it’s going to be o.k. “Let the Sun Shine In” has a whole new meaning for me-

So, my beautiful scar clan, wounded/healing, happy, hopeful searchers: Thank you, for being a part of the world.

All my love and gratitude,

Katie K.

Asheville ~ Phoenix Tribe 2005



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2 Responses to “Soul Discoveries!”

  1. JooleeWMcKay said:


    Your strong, loving and positive attitude will help you through this tough time. I am certain of that.

    Please accept my strong thoughts for your total recovery. I empathize fully, having gone throuh a similar situation. With love, strength, and music all around you, I know you’ll make it.

    One of the main reasons why I’m certain of this is because of what you said in your post about ‘forgiveness.”

    I, too, am on a that new journey; walking along a warm, shady path named ‘FORGIVENESS’. Believe me, a former Paka’lolo tribe member and I are in the midst of the most fantastic forggiveness journey. We laugh. We play. We create, We plan, We heal. Who needs the hurt, sickness, bad memories and the terribke feelings that surround anger and hatred?

    We don’t want to carry around that heavy bag anymore. Just drop it in the trash, then go into the sunshine and have fun.

    Julie (Winn) McKay
    Original Paka’lolo Tribe
    Las Vegas


    a ave total empathy for your situation. Stay focused on the wonderful, magical, and joyous.

  2. Nina said:

    Dear Katie,

    Sending thoughts and love your way. We are lucky to have you as part of our Tribe.

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