So, what do we all think of the move ?

I just went to the old discussion list and found it has now been deleted, so guess this new community is the new way we, the Hair people, now have to communicate. Obviously it’s very different, and I guess in the migration some have got lost, delayed, etc.

Although usually a lurker on this list, I am curious to know what others think about this, how many of us have got here and how to make best use of this new resource. So, your two pesos welcome here …..

(a UK list member)



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5 Responses to “So, what do we all think of the move ?”

  1. Nina said:

    Hi Martin,

    Ah, the movie. Jim Rado was once quoted as saying something like “The movie of Hair has yet to be made.” and I must say I agree with him. That movie just isn’t Hair, to me.

    I cannot totally dislike it, as it has brought many people to Hair, who might never have gone to see a performance otherwise. But it is hard for me to watch it without feeling very sad that that is how Hair has, so far at least, made it to the screen. The plot, the characters and the music were so drasticly changed that it is hard for me to watch it. But I am grateful for its part in spreading the groovy revolution.

    In my experience the film is loved by those who saw it before ever seeing the show, and disliked by those who loved the show before seeing the film.

  2. Mike Blaxill said:

    Is it “move” or “movie”..i.e. the move to the new format?…i love the new Hair site – with the old mailing list i couldn’t read half the emails b/c they were “scrubbed” for some reason

    if it’s movie..I’d fall into the both categories since I liked the movie before i saw the stage show (the recent Julie Arenal directed production in Bridgport CT) .. and then liked the movie less after seeing the show – no matter what form Hair takes you can’t help but be affected on some level

  3. writerdirector said:

    i liked the older letter group much better
    how do you start a new post?
    i dont know

  4. barbara siomos said:

    I think the writer WAS referring to the MOVE of the list, in which case my comment is most of those on the HAiR list have gone away which saddens me because it all seemed more of a closeness somehow… Which does NOT mean I do not appreciate what Michael has done becuase I do and I love him/you dearly Michael.


  5. Lyle said:

    Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing…where have all the…

    Where’s all the people folks. It’s dead…dead.
    MB we need input-input.
    Love your friends.

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