Richard Osorio’s Birthday

Today is the Birthday of Richard Osorio. He was the first Company Manager for HAIR. Without him we would not be here today.

Peace and Love




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7 Responses to “Richard Osorio’s Birthday”

  1. Nina said:

    Happy Birthday Richard!

  2. Lyle K'ang said:

    You still around Richard…that’s good.
    Happy, happy and more happy to you.

    Hang in there, maybe Michael can get the biggest payoff yet and do a World command performance of HAIR. The World would f__king break down the doors to see it, and come back several times, which spells education, upliftment and mulla!

    Although, Michael say’s he doesn’t want to do HAIR anymore – he wants to move on; we can always say to where?

    This messed up world can only be changed by MUSIC – vibes – and more immense vibrations which follow musical wailings, so Richard, you go tell Michael the World needs him – he still has alot of pickup, getup and go.

  3. Anita Krpan said:

    Dear Richard,

    You and I were born on the same day. Which one of us is older?!?



  4. esalsa said:

    Happy Birthday, Anin:

    I could sorthat out if I knew the exact
    time of your birth.

  5. esalsa said:

    Happy Birthday, Anin:

    I could sorthat out if I knew the exact
    time of your birth.

  6. esalsa said:

    Hi, Anita,Nina, and Lyle:
    Thanks for the birthday wishes.
    Hope you are all happy. I am luck I went
    from working with all of you from our
    great family to now where I cam working
    with young children. However, I do miss
    all of you. You are one of the best things
    that ever happened to me.


    Richard Osorio

  7. Anita Krpan said:

    My dear sweet Richard! I certainly hope that you are older than me! (You know how women are). Men, and especially you and Michael, look so distinguished and sexy. Women, well, it’s off to the salon to hide the gray. It was so great to see you last September in NYC. It had been decades since I was in the Mercury and Venus tribes but when we all met again it seemed like only yesterday. Okay you figure it out:
    7/10/49, 7:45am, St. Louis, MO!

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